1-121 #X-ray imaging of the left hip joint

1-122 #X-ray imaging of the right knee joint. 

1-123 #X-ray imaging of right foot ( adult), the right lateral projection

1-124 #The beginning and attachment of the muscle

1-125 #Muscle form

1-126 #Fascia and intermuscular septums of the right shoulder (anterior view)

1-127 #Synovial vagina of the tendon. 

1-128 #Synovial vaginas of the constructor-muscle tendons of fingers and hand ( anterior view)

1-129 #Anatomical and physiological muscle transverses of different forms

1-131 #Human skeletal muscles. 

1-131 #Human skeletal muscles. 

1-132 #Back superficial muscles. 

1-133 #Back deep muscles

1-134 #Back deep muscles

1-135 #Deep muscles of the back cervical region- suboccipital muscles

1-136 #Chest and abdominal superficial muscles

1-137 #Chest and abdominal muscles

1-138 #Diaphragm.

1-141 #Perineum muscles and fascia

1-142 #Head and cervical muscles ( right view) 

1-144 #Cervical muscles (right view)

1-145 #Cervical muscles ( left view) 

1-147 #Cervical muscles and fascia

1-148 #Muscles of the right upper limb ( anterior view)

1-149 #Muscles of the right upper limb ( posterior view)

1-150 #Deep muscles of the anterior part of the right forearm. 

1-151 #Muscles of the posterior part of the right forearm

1-152 #Muscles of the right hand (palmar surface)

1-153 #Muscles of the right hand ( rear surface)

1-154 #Shoulder muscles and fascia 

1-156 #Rear vaginas of the right hand carpal tendon 

1-157 #Muscles of the lower limb, right: front view

1-158 #Muscles of the lower limb, right: back view

1-159 #External pelvic muscles 

2-54 #Cartilages, ligaments and joints of the larynx

2-55 #Elastic larynx cone

2-56 #Larynx muscles

2-57 #Vocal chords’ location during different functional states of the larynx.

2-58 #Larynx cavity (larynx is cut on the back medially and split)

2-59 #Trachea and bronchi of the left and right lungs

2-60 #Bronchi branching scheme

2-61 #Bronchoscopy

2-62 #Right and left lungs (anterior view)

2-63 #Right and left lungs (anterior view)

2-64 #The surface of mediastinum and lungs’ gate

2-65 #Bronchopulmonary segments of the right and left lungs:

2-66 #Alveolar tree’s structure (scheme)

2-69 #Pleural and core cavities

2-70 #The projection of lungs and pleural bounds

2-70 #The projection of lungs and pleural bounds

2-71 #Mediastinum

2-74 #Right kidney ( frontal cut, posterior view)

2-75 #Kidney: relative location of the blood and lymphatic vessels

2-76 #Structure and blood supply of the nephron

2-78 #The male’s urinary bladder

2-79 #The men’s reproductive and urinary systems

2-80 #The testicle, epitesticle and nephrone tubule’s structure

2-81 #The merger of ejaculatory duct with the excretory duct pf the seminal gland. Seminal glands and ampules of the ejaculatory duct are opened. Part of the prostate is deleted and prostate part of the men’s urethra is opened.

2-82 #Glands’ location in the prostate ( the anterior part is turned upward)

2-83 #Tunics of testis and spermatic cord

2-84 #Penis and scrotum (anterior view; the frontal part of scrotum is deleted)

2-85 #Testicular descent and testis formation

2-87 #Female urinary and reproductive systems

2-88 #Female internal reproductive organs (vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovary in section)

2-91 #External female reproductive organs

2-94 #Kidney anomalies: A- one-sided pelvic kidney; B- lecotropal kidney scheme

2-95 #Endocrine glands location in human body

2-97 #Thyroid gland: A- anterior view; B- thyroid and parathyroid (posterior view); C- structure of thyroid follicles

2-98 #Adrenal gland: A- location of the left adrenal gland; B- adrenal gland cut; C- microscopic structure of adrenal gland

2-99 #Scheme of chromaffin body location in the human organism

2-100 #Pancreatic isle structure

2_102_Reflex arc

2_103_Axon-dendrite synapse

2_104_Neyrons in brain


2_109_Development sensory ganglia

2_112_Spina bifida

2_113_Spinal cord

2_114_Spinal cord

2_115_Segment of spinal cord

2_116_Topography of spinal cord and spinal nerve

2_117_Grey substance

2_119_Nerve cells and spinal tract


2_121_Paracentesis cerebrospinal fluid


2_129_Brain stem

2_131_Cerebellum and brainstem


2_133_Posterior inferior surface of cerebellum

2_137_Cerebellum and mesencephalon

2_139_Medical cross-section of brain

2_140_Roof of fourth ventricle

2_142_Cranial nucleus

2_143_Transverse cross-section of midbrain

2_144_Transverse cross-section of midbrain

2_145_Posterior longitudanal fasciculus

2_146_Central tegmental tract

2_147_Central tegmental tract






















3-1 #Parts of nervous system (scheme)

3-2 #Cerebral nerves in the internal cranial basis

3-5 #Simplified scheme of the nervous fibers development

3-7 #Oculomotor nerve, right ( lateral view)

3-8 #Left trigeminal nerve and its branches. Lateral wall of orbit, zygomatic arch, part of the mandible, m. masseter are deleted

3-9 #Right mandibular nerve and other nerves of head and neck. Lateral view. Zygomatic arch and right half of the mandible are deleted

3-10 #Optic nerve, right ( lateral view)

3-11 #Maxillary nerve, right (lateral view)

3-12 #Mandibular nerve, right ( lateral view)

3-13 #The way of facial nerve in the right temporal bone (lateral view)- the first section of facial nerve

3-14 #Scheme of the second section of the facial nerve. 

3-15 #The way of the helical-vestibular nerve in the right temporal bone

3-16 #Lingual-pharyngeal nerve, right ( lateral view)

3-17 #Vague nerves (anterior view)

3-18 #Additional nerve, right ( lateral view)

3-19 #Sublingual nerve, right (lateral view)

3-22 #The development of autonomic knots of nervous system.

3-23 #Spinal nerve structure

3-24 #Posterior branches of spinal nerves. Posterior view.

3-25 #Cervical plexus, right (scheme). Lateral view

3-26 #Innervation of cranial vault

3-28 #Axillary and musculo- cutaneous nerves, right (scheme). Anterior view

3-29 #Medial nerve, right (scheme). Anterior view

3-30 #Ulnar nerve, right (scheme).Anterior view

3-31 #Radial nerve, right (scheme)

3-32 #Innervation scheme of the right hand skin with the branches of cervical and brachial plexuses

3-33 #Intercostal nerves and their branches. Right view. External muscles of chest and abdomen are deleted

3-34 #The division of cutaneous intercostal nerve branches of the trunk. Anterior view

3-35 #Lumbosacral plexus, right (scheme). Anterior view

3-36 #Femoral nerve and lateral cutaneous nerve of the right thigh (scheme). Anterior view

3-37 #Obturator nerve , right (scheme). Anterior view

3-38 #Sciatic nerve, superior and inferior sciatic nerves, posterior cutaneous nerve of the right thigh (scheme). Posterior view

3-39 #Tibial nerve, right (scheme). Posterior view

3-40 #Medial and lateral plantar nerves, right (scheme). Plantar surface view

3-41 #General fibial nerve, right (scheme). Anterior view

3-42 #Scheme of skin innervation of the right lower limb with the long branches of the lumbar and sacral plexuses

3-43 #Scheme of segment innervation of the skin

3-44 #Innervation of the head and neck skin

3-45 #Scheme of the autonomic reflex arch, that consists of three neurons

3-46 #Autonomic nodules of the III queue and their relations with cerebral nerves (semi- schematic)

3-47 #Scheme of the autonomic part of nervous system structure. Parasympathetic (A) and sympathetic (B) parts

3-48 #Sympathetic trunk and its branches. Right view. Right lung anteriorly distracted

3-48 #Sympathetic trunk (left), cordial nerves and cordial plexuses. Left view. External cervical muscles and blood vessels are deleted

3-49 #Lumbar and sacral parts of sympathetic trunk. Lumbar and sacral plexuses. Anterior view

3-50 #Abdominal aortal plexus and other plexuses abdominal cavity and pelvis. Anterior view. Perineum on the back wall is deleted

3-51 #The structure of arterial wall (A) and venae(B) of muscular type. I- internal tunic; II-medium tunic; III- external tunic

3-52 #Scheme of haemo-circulatory channel as a part of greater circulation

3-56 #Scheme of the arteria (A), veins (B) wall structure and lymphatic vessel (C)

3-57 #Scheme of greater and pulmonic circulations

3-59 #A. Heart. Anterior view

3-59 #B. Heart. Posterior view

3-60 #Heart. Right view; right atrium and right ventricle are cut, margins are converted

3-61 #Semilunar valves of the pulmonary trunk. Arterial cone and pulmonary trunk are longitudinally cut, margins are converted
3-62 #Heart. Anterior view; longitudinal cut; anterior regions of atriums and ventricles are deleted

3-63 Location of heart valves

3-64 Heart (longitudinal cut). Internal view of the four heart cavities

3-65 #Heart structure. Longitudinal cut

3-66 #Heart. Left view; left atrium and left ventricle are cut, margins are converted

3-67 #Aortic valve. Aortic vestibule and ascendant aorta are longitudinally cut, margins are converted

3-68 #A. Structure of myocardia layers. Left view; miocardia regions are partly deleted; pulmonary trunk and aorta are deleted on the basis level

3-69 #Stimulus heart complex. Anterio-superior view

3-70 #Heart structure. Sterno-costal part of the core and heart are deleted

3-71 #A. Blood vessels of the heart. Anterior view

3-71 #B. Blood vessels of the heart. Posterior view

3-72 #Topography of parasympathetic cardiac nerves. Anterior view

3-73 #Projection of boundaries and valves of the heart on the anterior chest wall

3-74 #X-ray image of the heart and its big vessels

3-76 #Vessels of the pulmonary circulation (anterior view)

3-77 #Partial and segmental bronchus, pulmonary arteries and pulmonary veins

3-78 #Topography of the arteries, veins and bronchus in the gates of pulmonary parts

3-79 #Aorta. Anterior view. Heart and internal organs are deleted

3-80 #Different variations of branches’ discharge

3-81 #Head and cervical arteries (right view)

3-82 #Arteries of nasal cavity walls. Sagittal cut of the head, right lateral wall of the nasal cavity, internal view, nasal septum is deleted

3-84 #Internal carotid artery (scheme). Lateral view

3-85 #Arteries and veins of the right eye socket. Superior view, superior-lateral wall and adipose body are deleted

3-86 #Arteries of the brain. Inferior view

3-87 #Arteries of the brain (scheme).I-vessels of the arterial circle; II- branches of the medial cerebral artery on the superior-lateral hemisphere; III- branches of the anterior and posterior cerebral arteries on the medial and inferior surfaces of the hemispheres.

3-88 #Variations of the arterial circle structures

3-89 #Vessels of the anterior pectoral and abdominal walls. On the left the transversal muscle of the chest is deleted.

3-90 #Vessels and nerves of the axillary cavity

3-91 #Arteries of the right upper limb. Anterior view

3-91 #Arteries of the right upper limb. Posterior view

3-92 #Variations of the deep palmar arch

3-92 #Variations of the superficial palmar arch

3-93 #Pectoral part of aorta and its branches. Anterior view. Anterior pectoral wall, internal organs and venous vessels are deleted

3-94 #Abdominal part of aorta and its branches

3-95 #Arteries of the organs in the abdominal cavity. Anterior view.

3-96 #Arteries and veins of the intestine and colon. Anterior view

3-96 #Arteries and veins of the colon

3-97 #Left renal artery and vein, their branches. Part of the renal parenchymal is deleted.

3-98 #Arteries and veins of the males’ pelvic organs. Left view. Sagittal cut to the left from the medial area.

3-99 #Arteries of the female’s pelvic organs, Left view. Sagittal cut to the left from the medial area.

3-100 #Arteries of the right lower limb (scheme). Anterior view

3-100 #Arteries of the right lower limb (scheme). Posterior view

3-101 #Neuron types

3-102 #Superior and inferior cavernous veins, their branches. A- scheme; B- on the back wall of the trunk

3-109 #Deep veins of the right upper limb. Posterior view

3-110 #Superficial veins of the upper limb

3-111 #Veins of the female pelvis. Left part of pelvis is deleted. Left side view.

3-112 #Deep veins of the right lower limb. Anterior view

3-112 #Deep veins of the right lower limb. Posterior view

3-113 #Superficial veins (semi schematic)

3-114 #Gate hepatic vein and its branches (anterior view)

3-115 #Anamostosis between the gate hepatic vein, superior and inferior cavervous veins (scheme)

3-124 #Blood circulation of the body (scheme)

3-125 #Haematogenesis and immune organs (semi schematic)

3-131 #Location of the thymus in the pectoral cavity

3-143 #Structure of the single lymphoid nodule in the wall of ileum

3-144 #Lymphoid nodules in the wall of ileum (internal view)

3-146 #Lymphoid vessels

3-151 #Structure of lymphoid trunks and ducts

3-152 #Inflow of the right lymphatic duct and lymphatic trunks into the right lymphatic angle

3-153 #Inflow of the pectoral duct and lymphatic trunks into the left lymphatic trunk

3-154 #Pectoral duct

3-156 #Lymphatic nodules of the neck (right view)

3-157 #Lymphatic vessels and lymphatic nodules of the upper limb (anterior view)

3-158 #Axillary lymphatic nodules and lymphatic vessels of the right pectoral gland (anterior view)

3-159 #Superficial lymphatic vessels and lymphatic nodules of the right lower limb

3-160 #Axillary and iliac lymphatic nodules (anterior view)

3-161 #Parietal lymphatic nodules of the abdomen

3-162 #Lymphatic nodules of the jejunum and colon

3-163 #Lymphatic nodules and vessels of the stomach (anterior view)

3-164 #Lymphatic vessels and nodules of lien, pancreas and duodenum (anterior view)

3-166 #Lymphatic vessels and nodules of colon

3-167 #Lymphatic vessels of the stomach mucosal membrane

3-168 #Lymphatic nodules of the anterior part of mediastinum (anterior view)

3-169 #Regional lymphatic nodules of lungs

3-170 #Lymphatic vessels and nodules of the mediastinum